Simple ABS for women

Women likes flat stomach more than men. At the beginning it will be more tough for women to do some exercise like crunches. But once they are familiar with these crunches they will start reducing their weight faster than men.

Before doing any abdominal exercise keep in your mind some rules like.
  • What ever you do, do it slowly.Don't over count at your first attempt.
  • Take a walk daily.
  • Try to change your eating habits.

Once your are familiar with these rules you can start your Abs work out.
Before starting to do abdominal exercise don't forget to warm-up your body. Warm-up may be like stretching, Aerobic, jogging or skipping. By doing these exercise, fats in your stomach will start burning and that will be the right time for you do your abdominal exercise.

For doing abdominal exercise you can go to gym or you can do it in your home. Few simple exercise are as follows

Exercise Ball crunch
     Begin with this crunches.
Floor Bicycle Movements
     Very simple one which you can do it in your home itself.
Knees raising
   More effective exercise but you need to go to gym for doing this.
Abdominal Crunches
   You can do simple crunches from your home itself. Doing more number of crunches will result in fast flat stomach.
There are other similar exercise like Belly Breaths, Baby Crunches, Side Lifts and oblique Crunches.

      Please note that before starting your diet or abdominal exercise consult your doctor. If you have any sign of pregnancy or given birth to a child recently don't do these exercise.

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Vera Mihailovich said...

Your abdominal muscles consist of the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, internal obliques and external obliques. The rectus abdominis is the large muscle that runs from the rib cage down to your pelvis, while the transverse abdominis lies under the rectus abdominis. The inner oblique lies to the sides of the rectus femoris under the external obliques. For more secrets for flat belly and toned bikini body, check out Shape's exclusive weight loss plan, Ab Workout 4 Women.

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